Melissa Sweet is managing editor of, and a director of Croakey Health Media, which is setting up as a non profit journalism organisation. She works with “a connective” of colleagues on this ever-evolving journalism project that aims to provide a public service for those who care about the community‚Äôs health and well-being.

We do not approach health through a narrow clinical or disciplinary lens, but take a holistic view that recognises the health of individuals is connected to the health of communities, societies and the planet.

Our work is underpinned by an appreciation of the importance of equitable access to health-producing environments as well as to healthcare, particularly primary healthcare. We look for health in all policies, not only from the health sector or health portfolios.

We value open and informed public debate. We also value the engaged members of our community and digital networks who seek to hold power to account and to provide much-needed scrutiny of the interests affecting our health and wellbeing.

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